A magical journey through the realm of fantasy awaits you at Cherasco!

The Museum, with its fairy-tale setting, will lead you on a journey of discovery of an art form that, for thousands of years, has never ceased to amaze all humanity. Be enchanted by the history and the artistic achievements of the great magicians, feel the wonder and fascination of the tricks and sensational effects, explore the forms and types of magic shows over the centuries.

The Museum’s organiser is Don Silvio Mantelli, whose stage name is Wizard Sales “Apostle of Joy” and who, for more than thirty years, has worked throughout the world on solidarity projects in support of children:  the immediate, universal nature of magic, indeed, conveys a message of hope and joy to everyone, young and old.

Some of the most important magicians who populate the international scene are supporting the Museum’s activities.

Want to meet them in person and watch their shows?  Consult the programme of events at the website www.museodellamagia.it and take part in the Museum’s initiatives!