Visit to the Museum


Visits to the Museum meander through themed rooms and theatrical settings that cover every aspect of the magic art. You will discover the ancient origins of magic and illusionism, the main tools of the magician, the various forms of magic shows, the personalities who have shaped the history of magic, the links between magic and the world of the occult.

The route through the museum is broken down into a number of stages, including: 1. The ‘Bocca della Verità” or “Mouth of Truth” (Magic and Legend); 2. The talking head (The magic picture gallery); 3. The enchanted forest (The Illusionist’s tools);  4. The great illusions (Techniques and Styles); 5. The great magicians (The Illusionists in history); 6. The spiritualist’s séance (The tricks of mediums); 7. Star dust (Italy’s TV magicians).

The Museum has a room dedicated to magic shows (the Theatre of Illusions), an educational play area (Wonderland) and a courtyard.

A valuable library owned by the Wizard Sales Foundation forms part of the Museum structure, devoted entirely to the subject of magic with more than 18,000 books available for consultation, subject to booking, for study and research.